Lyra Lee Photography | 2017 Was a Big Year for Me

2017 Was a Big Year for Me

May 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

May, already? I can't believe how fast this year is flying by! So, what happened with Lyra Lee Photography in 2017, you ask? Here's a quick list of the highlights...

1. I took a photography pricing class in January with Dana Pugh. It kicked my butt and made me sit down and really look at my numbers. I realized for sure that I had to make some changes. I was scared. And, I wrestled through so much to finally land where I did on my decisions. 

2. I took a business class  from an awesome photographer on the east coast (Business from the Ground Up with Jen. B) to help me get all things business into order. It was so great and she  helped me tremendously. As a result of that class, I set up my online system and many other things that needed to be set into place. It feels so good to have all of this done now! My online system is pretty awesome! 

3. Accepted to Cavan as a stock photographer.  

4. Completed a 365 day picture project. This project was life changing for me! More to come on that later. 

5. I booked my first ever Click Away Conference. 

6. One of  my all time favorite images was included in The Best Images of 2017 with Dear Photographer. This was a huge honor for me! 

All in all, 2017 set me up to move forward in my photography business with confidence. I would be thrilled to work with you this year if I am the right fit for your photography needs. Go over to my website and take a look. I've added a FAQ page, and this may help you discern if I am who you are looking for. I'd love to hear from you! 

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