Lyra Lee Photography | Project 365 | Week Fifty-Two

Project 365 | Week Fifty-Two

January 06, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


I love the shadow our Christmas tree casts on this wall each morning.


I can think of no better image to share from Christmas day. She spelled out her Gran-Gran's name unprompted and completely out of the blue. Her namesake is always close to her heart. 


I love that her brother is teaching her how to sew with her new sewing machine. I know nothing about sewing, so Gage saved the day!


Christmas blur.


We went to Michael's and bought these adorable lights to string across her bed. 


15 years together! How did time go so fast?


This print of a Millet painting has brought about great conversations in our home. 


WHOA! I really did it! 365 days complete. I have to admit I was struggling at the end. And, I cheated a little. But, the project is complete. I felt it proper to end this artistic endeavor with a couple of detailed shots from a painting my Aunt Lynda created. I have no doubt that  her creativity influenced me greatly as a child. I always admired her ability to create and will treasure this painting for the rest of my life. It hangs proudly in my dining room and breathes life and beauty into this house daily. 


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