Lyra Lee Photography | Project 365 | Week Thirty-Six

Project 365 | Week Thirty-Six

September 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


I was having a hard day and went for a walk. A little magic happened in the form of finding beauty in the midst of weeds. 


I went outside to water my plants and found this beautiful creation on the patio. Made by my incredibly talented daughter. 


She uses this area under our new arbor as a fort and staging area for making all sorts of wonderful food. I love her imagination.


Cole was not very excited about his vet check-up, but went along with the game. Such a patient boy. 


My kids find fun wherever they go. So thankful they have this skill. It goes a long way in life! This is a cool bike trail tunnel that goes under the highway. 


A little exploring while I did some photo shoot scouting. They're usually up for the adventure as long as I don't make them stop for pictures. 


Gage arrived home on Friday night after a 3 day trip from NC with his Dad. We are all thrilled to have him home with us. His first day back, we went to the lake. He planned to take his siblings fishing and I invited myself. Worked out great! :)


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