Lyra Lee Photography | Project 365 | Week Twenty-Nine

Project 365 | Week Twenty-Nine

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We had a little beach reunion with Mandy, Alex, Kelly, and all of our kiddos. Mandy, Jared, and Alex have been best friends since their mid-twenties and there are always great laughs to be had when these three are together! This kind of friendship is priceless and I can see how valuable it is for our kids to see it lived out as they grow older. We know that no matter how many miles separate us or how many years it's been since we've all been together, they are always there for us. Period. Friendship at it's finest.

(Mandy took this super cool pic of the polaroid shot. Love her creativity!)

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It was so nice to all be together again at Jared's Dad's house. 


My Mom gave Bryn this doll she played with as a little girl. What a treasure!


Much of my family is in this shot and my dear Mom is the beautiful lady in red walking away. She's going off to explore on her own for a bit. She has passed on to her children and grandchildren a love for the simple beauty she finds surrounding her. As teenagers and even now, her daughters laughed about it, but we all love that she finds joy around every corner. She is a treasure and I can't believe I get to have such an incredible Mom.


The light was fading quickly and the sand gnats were biting, but we managed to grab a shot of all of us. This is the Smith crew. My parents, sisters and husbands, and all the kids, plus our bonus to the family (my niece Ashlyn's wonderful husband). Time just keeps moving forward! 


My Daddy and I. Watching him age is not easy, especially being so far geographically. This picture makes me cry. His heart is golden, despite his rough exterior. When Jared and I began dating, one of the things that made me quickly fall in love with him was his love for this man. He saw the good in him and still does. A few months into us dating, my Dad took him to the side one day and said, "I just need to know what your intentions are with my daughter. If you aren't going to change her last name, I'm going to take her down to the courthouse and change it myself." (I was still carrying the last name of my ex-husband and he was ready for it to change) Jared assured him that my name would change by the end of the year, and it did.


These two spent most of their time (when they weren't swimming) playing spies. This is their briefcase, which came from my Dad's working days as a builder/contractor. Inside it, they found his old blank contracts for clients and they used them for their spy business. So sweet!


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