Lyra Lee Photography | Project 365 | Week Thirty

Project 365 | Week Thirty

August 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


The kids always  have so much fun when we get to visit Aunt Robin and Uncle Mike's house. Tara, their cousin, took them out for a ride on her horse, Copper, and then led him to the backyard to graze on grass. We refer to their house as "the shire". It's just beautiful! Bryn will remember this day well. Just after snapping this photo, she decided to get off of the horse and stood too close to  his hooves. Her foot was squashed, but thankfully not broken. The girl is tough! And, I think she learned an important  lesson. 


This is Jared's sister, Robin, and I absolutely love her. One of the most gracious, gentle, and loving souls I've ever known. 


This was our final leg of the trip, just as we were approaching North Dakota. Home, sweet home!


Bryn missed her friend, Tessa while we were gone and requested a play date very soon after returning. 


I pulled up from grocery shopping to find my dear husband resting in this chair after cleaning the garage. Gage was supposed to take this chair with him, but we had to leave it due to lack of space. I guess it's coming in handy!




He will hold her this way as long as she will let him. <3


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