Lyra Lee Photography | Project 365 | Week Twenty-Three

Project 365 | Week Twenty-Three

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Sibling convos. The look on her face is in response to him telling her he was going to kill the rabbit under the porch. 


My Mom and daughter went through the trunk together and found my homemade Amelia Bedilia costume from when I was about my daughter's age. This trunk has been a part of my life from the beginning, as it held all of our hand-me-downs as a kid. Each year, we would go through it like it was Christmas and I'd model the "new" treasures I found. My Mom (she's pretty wonderful) had the trunk shipped to me in Bismarck all the way from North Carolina. Her touch is now passing down to my daughter and it is such a gift for me to watch. She tied this same apron onto me 32 years ago.


Bryn invited her piano teacher (and our fabulous neighbor) over for a tea party in her room. We love Debbie!!!


Gage rebuilt our front steps and banisters for us and it is absolutely beautiful! Amazed at his skill level! He spent late nights finishing the project in the midst of his other jobs. 


I love that she loves to explore. 


She may not like me posting this picture, but I can't help it. Having my Mama plant things in my yard makes me all kinds of happy. We only get to see each other about once per year, and when we get time together, we make the most of it. Her visits make my year! 


Dance party with Granny!


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