Lyra Lee Photography | Project 365 | Week Twenty-Five

Project 365 | Week Twenty-Five

June 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Apparently, it was a black and white kinda week.....


The obligatory Father's Day picture. THIS is why I rarely pose my family. It just doesn't work. ;)


She dances and sings 24/7.


Are words necessary?


My kids prefer climbing on the outside of playground equipment. 


My little songwriter singing one of her songs, accompanied by her brother and Dad. 


Shea does not get annoyed with me often, but he was in this instance. "Mom, can you please stop taking pictures of me?" This boy is quickly moving into adolescence and it's killing me inside. Well, not really, but where did the time go?! He's mowing the grass, working for neighbors, and walking to stores in our neighborhood by himself to buy things with his own money. He's the same age as Gage was when we moved here in 2011 and reminding me so much of his big brother these days. I really love having boys. 


She is way better than I will ever be at fixing hair. 



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