Lyra Lee Photography | Project 365 | Week Twenty-One

Project 365 | Week Twenty-One

May 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


She's really into storytelling lately. She makes up all kinds of stories and tells them with great intensity and flair. This is how she starts many of her days, while I sip my coffee and listen.


I have a dear friend who was raising her last teenager when I met her. She would speak of how much she enjoyed this age, and I hadn't yet experienced it and didn't understand. Now, I do. This boy brings so much life into our home and these years have gone by way faster than I ever could have expected. 


Granny arrived for a 3 week visit!!! 


My dear Mom spent all of my childhood exploring with me and now she gets to do this with her grandchildren. She has the gift of being able to search for and find beauty in her everyday life, and just being around her will make you happy inside. 


I cannot say that being a Mom to boys doesn't have its challenges. 


Graduation week has been bittersweet around here this week. Gage made a banner for his dear friend Marissa's open house. We are going to miss her so much!


The clouds were calling my name all day, so we finally made it over to to our favorite overlook. I never grow tired of this.


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