Lyra Lee Photography | Project 365 | Week Forty-Four

Project 365 | Week Forty-Four

November 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


These girls had so much fun going to see The Fiddler on the Roof together. They all three are in 3rd grade this year, and Bryn fully embraces the fact that she is the smallest. :) 


She came downstairs reading Lady of the Lake by Sir Walter Scott. This book was given to us by her Granny, and she's loving it. Poetry is becoming her thing. 


This is the only picture I took with my "big camera" on Halloween. She chose to wear her Ethiopia dress this year, and of course, she couldn't forget the tiara. This is the first year we've been trick our treating in our neighborhood, because our church normally does a trunk or treat. We walked up to the governor's mansion, just down the street from our house, and went to a few other houses along the way. However, it was very cold, and this girl wanted to come home quickly. 


Her ability to fix her hair continues to amaze me. She did this all by herself. 


Cole pup has been in his happy place this week. He doesn't want to come in and stands at the window and door begging for us to come out with him. 


I can't believe we have this, but this is an old measuring stick from my Grandaddy's tool box! His nickname (everyone called him by this) was Huck. Such a treasure! I miss him so much and seeing this brought back a flood of memories. He was such an incredible Grandfather. 


She loves this nativity set. And, I love watching her play with it as she narrates the story of Jesus. 


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