Lyra Lee Photography | About Me

My name is Lyra (pronounced like "lyr" in the word "lyrical") and I make PB&J's on a daily basis because I am a Mom. I also enjoy coffee and exploring the great outdoors with my 3 kids. I am fortunate to be married to an incredible man who loves us well. 

(My 7 yo daughter took this picture of me. I'm pretty impressed!)

I have officially been a "photographer" since 2011, but my love of pictures began as a little girl. I loved getting new National Geographic magazines in the mail and soaked up each beautiful image. I also had every photo book in my house memorized and regularly looked through them all. In 2009, when I was getting ready to give birth to our 3rd child, I decided to get my first DSLR (big girl camera) and the rest is history. I had no idea what I had been missing all of those years, but as soon as I found it, my soul sang. 

Having three children of my own has given me an intense love for capturing real emotion and wonder on a child's face. The things that I have learned and continue to learn in the day to day shooting with my own kids are the same things I put into practice during client sessions. I have a passion for observing life happening around me through my lens. I love keeping my eyes opened for joy, connection, and wonder. When I see it, I do my best to capture it with my camera. When my kids are grown, I'm going to have to find surrogate kids to take with me exploring because, I'm telling you, this is what I am made to do!

Thank you for stopping by my site. Take a look around and see if I may be the right photographer for your family. I'd love to hear from you!