Project 365 | Week Twenty

May 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Climbing trees barefoot is what she does. It runs in the family.


I love the way her brother welcomes her right into his life. This was at the Bismarck High School music dept. picnic and this group of teens you see here are some of the most talented students I know. 


He had a solo (Gavin DeGraw's "Chariot"). Blew it out of the water! Couldn't be more proud of this boy!


She hosts tea parties in her room for the family on a regular basis. This party required scarfs worn by everyone and a British accent. 


My windows are so dirty because we have a slobbery St. Bernard, but hey, it makes for a great textured image. 


Daddy is leaving for work. She loves this man, and so do I. 


I am turning 40 this year and discovering that this is the year for me to face and conquer many fears. These fears range from the seemingly petty step into wearing shorts again after 17 years of being self conscious, to taking my first self portraits (I actually hate being in front of the camera), to big scary steps in my little photography business, and, to the really scary step of sending my first born off to school far away from here. I don't like moving out of my comfort zone into these fears, but it's inevitable and I know it is good for me.


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