Project 365 | Week Seventeen

April 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


My first attempt at macro-photography. This is a tiny little bloom on my bleeding heart plant. This photo is evidence of what being in a supportive photography community has done for me these past few months. I am pushed and learn so much from my friends from across the country. A few days ago, I asked a friend about some really beautiful images she had taken and she told me about macro photography and a few little tricks she uses. I tried it. And, I think I'm hooked! 


My girl has such beautiful eyes. She is also very patient with my photography endeavors. She sat still for quite a while for me to do this. 


She's loving Peter Pan these days. Recently, she said, "Christina told me that she's all about Peter Pan and I didn't understand why. Now, I'm feelin' it!" 


I got a helios lens in the mail this week off of Ebay. It's a vintage Russian lens made in the 80's. It creates a swirly background and what I refer to as light bubbles. Makes me happy and is helping me push through some creative dry spells in this 365 project. 


Warm days are feeling so good!


More Helios lens fun. Not sure how I did it, but I'm loving the moodiness of this one. 


My boy went to his first and last prom with a dear friend. She's not only his friend, but our friend, too. They will both be going in very separate directions on the map this summer. Bittersweet times around here these days. 


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