Project 365 | Week Ten

March 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


He kinda loves me.


I never could have imagined all of the joy and heartache parenthood would bring. I believe this journey is beautifully designed by God to continually remind me that I cannot do it on my own. These three are such a gift to me and I will love them fiercely for as long as I live.


Most days, I make my picture choice based on the one that best tells the story of that day. However, there are times that I love an image so much, but it doesn't necessarily remind me much of what we did that day. That would be the case with this one. Maybe what I'll remember is that on this day, when I was feeling pretty down and defeated, I found some beautiful light falling on my daughter as she played blocks with her brother. She was so happy and laughing at him to no end. I got down on the floor and just observed with my camera up to my eye for a few minutes. Her beauty astounds me every day. 



This is his "I'm in the middle of a project, and I hope you're not going to interrupt me" look. He's been this way his whole life. Intense and determined to make his plan come to life. 


We woke up to snow again this morning. We were thrilled. Can you tell?


We had a friend stay with us overnight because his Mom went out of town for the weekend. I am so thankful for how welcoming and loving my kids are to new friends in our home. 


She'd been begging me for weeks to take her to The Treehouse at the Heritage Center. Having a friend over was a perfect excuse to go. 


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