Project 365 | Week Nine

March 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


She's mixing colors on her own. My children have far surpassed me in the art and music department. Amazed to watch them grow!


Jaycob and Shea learning about coal mining at the Heritage Center. We had to take Jaycob to the airport for his trip back home to NC right after this. We are going to miss him so much! 


She picked up  her little bible and brought it over to read to me. There is nothing that warms this Mama heart more. God at work in my kids, apart from anything I can say or do. A real gift to me in the midst of lots of internal struggle this week. 



The final result of her paint mixing endeavor above. I'm thoroughly impressed with her skills! This one will be going into a frame.


We went up to the capital to get some fresh air after a new blanket of snow fell. This boy loves romping through the woods and snow.


This is their daily game. He treats her like one of his litter mates. Cutest thing ever!


So thankful for a few beautiful days to get outside and explore. Doing this with my kids is seriously like therapy for me. I feel like in the midst of trials, God taps me on the shoulder and says, "Hey, look over there. See what I've made? I've got this. Now, go enjoy and show your kids how great I am!" Okay, God, I hear you. <3



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