Project 365 | Week Six

February 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


The shadows found in life lead my eyes to light. If it were not for the shadows, I may have never noticed the light. 


Bryn is reassuring Cole that she is, indeed, getting dressed to come out and play with him. 


Some days it's fun to start the day off playing with dinosaurs. 


Never too old to have fun in a box.


The love my kids have for this pup has just kept growing since bringing him home a year ago. When we first got him, I kept thinking the newness would wear off, but, they adore him even more each day. 


Temps went up to 54 degrees, which meant puddles! Amazing how warm 54 degrees feels when you've been accustomed to suffering through below zero temps for months. Puddles are a beautiful sight and something to get excited about!


I was itching to go out for a drive in the country and I've been wanting to see what Harmon Lake looks like frozen over. So, I bribed Gage to come with me by telling him I'd grab him a Starbucks. I won the better end of the deal because he pumped gas for me and I got to spend an hour catching up with him. We've lived here since 2011, and this is the first time I've walked out onto a frozen body of water. 


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