Project 365 | Week Five

February 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Doing schoolwork in his sister's room. She has beautiful windows and a comfy bed.


A half willing subject in glorious morning light.


We ask ourselves every year at this time, "How will we make it until spring?" Waiting on green to spring forth from the trees and ground takes so very long.


"I'm not coming in, Mom, until you take me on a walk."


This weekend we were in Rochester for the L'Abri conference with our eldest. It's such a bittersweet time as we grow closer and closer to the day he no longer lives under this roof. I treasure every conversation had with this deep and soulful thinker we have for a son. I'm proud of the man he is becoming, but grieving the loss of my little boy. I never knew how much prayer, trust, and relinquishment of fear it would take to release this boy of ours out into the big wide world. I am learning more and more that "pain in childbirth" goes far beyond the day you work so hard to bring a little one into this world. But, the beauty of it all is that with pain comes an indescribable joy. If I close my heart to pain, I also close my heart to joy.


Don't worry, my son. All of these directions and choices will become clear in time. One thing is for sure...Your life will be a journey colored with beauty and adventure.


It was cold in the city, but we had a little fun before our fingers froze.



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