Project 365 | Week Two

January 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


This week you began learning French. You're soaking it up like a sponge. I am so thankful for this man holding you in his lap. He is a gift to you and I know that as you grow into adulthood, you will understand more and more what a gift he has been in your life. 


You are a perfectionist and I love the way you carefully fix your hair each day before we start school. Each day as we do spelling I have to say over and over, "We are doing this so that you can learn. You are not supposed to know every single word. If you already knew everything, we wouldn't need to do school. " 


That day I decided to take the kids on a drive to see the river and got stuck in very deep snow drifts, requiring my heroes, Jared and Troy to come rescue us. 


More snow to shovel, making it over 50 inches so far this winter! 


Getting a little help with her French lesson.


I love to see her love of reading grow.


Yes, my dear. You are Treasured, Sacred, His, and Beautiful.



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