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July 06, 2016  •  3 Comments

I decided it was time for an update on all that has been going on in my photography world since last fall. I'm so excited to share with you guys a small glimpse of what I've been learning over the past 9 months or so. One of the things that I continue to love about photography is that there is always more to learn. It's never boring and there are a wealth of resources at my fingertips to continue challenging me in this field. 


Last August I decided to take my first online course with CMU (Clickin Moms). It was a breakout session, which doesn't require as much time and it is less commitment than a full fledged class. The session was taught by Tarah Sweeney, a phenomenal photographer out in California. The session was entitled The Messy View, and I resonated with every word she had to say. One of the things I took away from the breakout was more definition of who I am as a photographer. I was able to more closely pinpoint the things that inspire me during a shoot. I am most moved by real emotion captured with the click of my lens and beautiful light. These are two of the main things I thrive off of during a shoot. I was also challenged during that breakout session by a few different photographers to consider shooting in RAW. I'm not going to go into the details of what this means, but it's basically shooting in a format completely different than what I had been doing since 2009. I knew that if I switched to RAW I was going to be on a very steep learning curve, but everyone I talked to about it told me they were so glad they had done it. So, I took the plunge and completely hyper focused on all things RAW. My brain was hurting by the end of each day, but each day I conquered one more hurdle to realize there was another one to figure out. After the initial switch over to RAW, I signed up for my second course with Clickin Moms, and this time it was the real deal, full fledged class, entitled Processing 202:Communicating with Color and Light, taught by the fabulous Caroline Jensen. Now that I had switched over to shooting in RAW format, I needed to re-learn how to edit my images. This class gave me the ability to edit my images with much greater control. That is what I have most enjoyed about the big switchover. I have so much more knowledge of each layer in an image (thanks to the class), and am able to manipulate my images to match my vision. It is hard to put into words what I gained through this process, but I believe it shows in my work, and I am so excited to be able to use these skills I've gained for you, my clients. 


During the winter, I decided to learn more about lifestyle photography, so I took two more breakout sessions and learned so much from some phenomenal photographers. I also had the pleasure of shooting three newborn lifestyle sessions during this time, and realized I want to do more of them. I loved being on a slower timetable and capturing the joy and love that is so tangible with a new little one at home. 


My summer is going so fast this year, and my shooting calendar is booked through August. I'm booking family sessions for September and October now and would LOVE to get your family on my calendar. The weather turns cold quickly, as we all know, so make sure you get on the calendar before cold weather returns! Looking forward to a fabulous Fall! For more information about my sessions offered, simply click here.

Have a great summer! 



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Thank you so much, Zarshal and April, for your encouragement and love!!!
zarshal zakir(non-registered)
i love the way you write. i love how you express thoughts and yes your words are really empowering. From the writing to the photography it's all so perfect!
April Barber(non-registered)
I am sooooooooooo inspired by you and proud of you for pursuing what you love!
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