Schulz Family

February 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

I have really enjoyed getting to know Jackie over the past few years. She is my fabulous hair stylist and she is currently coaching me along in growing my hair out. I love her! We have great conversations every time I sit in her chair. She is so talented, and not only in doing hair. She is a true artist, and I enjoy our conversations that center around artistic endeavors. 

Having the opportunity to do this lifestyle session with her sweet family was such an honor for me. The nursery was so incredibly beautiful. Jackie did such a great job getting this special room all ready for Gunner (don't you love that name?!). The color choices are  just awesome! If orange is the least bit involved, I am guaranteed to love it. 

Grabbing a few moments with Jackie and Gunner was so sweet. He needed to eat, so we took our time and grabbed some shots as we went. The image of Jackie in front of the crib with full view of the beautiful nursery says to me, "All is right in this moment, right now." You worked hard in so many ways to bring Gunner into this world, Jackie. This is just beautiful to me. 

I loved this moment with Cody and Gunner on the bed, right after he had changed his diaper. Watching a Dad with his child is something I never grow tired of. 

​Thank you, Schulz family, for welcoming me into your home for this session. It was an honor! 


Jackie Schulz(non-registered)
Awe Lyra, you are so kind! I feel the same about you and am so grateful to know you and get to share many special moments with you! You are also so very talented and absolutely love all of the maternity and family pictures you have taken for us! There will be many more I'm sure as Gunner and our family grows!
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